Acne Encounters

Acne is a worldwide major concern for millions. It is a very common skin disease  that affects all ages and race. An estimate of eighty percent of teenagers and young adults  experience an outbreak at a point in their lifetime. Acne may represent itself by showing  on the surface in the form of blackheads, cysts, nodules, papules, pustules, and or  whiteheads. There are numerous cases of silent despair that follow this leading concern  such as anxiety, depression, lowered self-esteem, scarring of the interior and exterior.  Thousands have turned to oriental medicine in search of a solution to this never-ending  battle. Oriental medicine is a traditionally promising form of medicinal healing dating  back five thousand years. Acupuncture and herbal formulas have been advancing  exceedingly and widely spread all over the world.

The early teenage and adult years introduces the mass production of testosterone  and hormonal development, in both sexes. Oil glands begin to harvest extra oil leading to  the clogging of pores along with the growth of bacteria. Pimples and sebum begin to  develop sequencing in acne. Taking birth control pills, family genes, hormonal changes  during pregnancy, certain medication influence the presence of acne. It is important to  visit one’s primary care physician and a dermatologist to receive a correct diagnosis to  aid in one’s treatment process. We know what fuels the bonfire so what is the source of  putting out this disastrous flame?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is critical to locate the root cause of the acne  epidemic. The explanation of where the acne is directly coming from helps practitioners  treat with precision. The spleen controls the oils the body produces. The excessive  formation of blackheads and pimples is due to the imbalance of hormones. Treatment  plans will involve stimulating the internal organs as well as the facial exterior. Extra  precautionary care and prevention is the best cure for acne. Healthier diet (resist sugary  and spicy foods) and lifestyle choices benefit the overall health with increased vitality.  Exercise regularly, avoid alcohol, and smoking. Avoid touching and coming into contact  with the facial skin. Do not pop, squeeze, or aggravate existing pimples without  professional assistance. This can result in scarring of the tissues. Maintain personal  hygiene to keep free of excess bacterial infections. Manage of emotions and stress by  practicing meditation and mindfulness.

The chances of acne resurfacing are fairly high. In eastern treatment, practitioners  will treat acne by assessing various affairs pasturing from childhood experiences, family  medical history, to the current lifestyle, and so forth. It is a promising method of analysis  that guides the practitioner to obtain precise data to provide the perfect treatment for that  specific individual. Consultations with Kyoungyi Pyo, MSOM, L.Ac, and L.MT may  unveil various medical affairs that triggered the condition to emerge. The most effective  treatment will involve Ms. Pyo to clean the affected area as well as treating the patient on  the inside and out. Acupuncture needling, pill form and liquid decoction of herbal  medication, a deep pore cleansing facial rejuvenation, and light therapy will be utilized.  During the first session, patients’ pores will be opened and an estimate of 80% of  blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, dead skin cells, etc. will be extracted. Acupuncture and  medical grade light therapy will be used to complete the treatment. Treatment plans will  be discussed during patient consultations.